School Services

An arts education helps build academic skills and increases academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently.

Studies prove that children who are exposed to arts education at a young age will do markedly better i their SATS tests and in future studies. Arts education is an integral part of building a 21st century creative mind. Far too many children lose their way by not being given the opportunities for their young minds to be constructively engaged with music, dance, drama and other creative means of expression which allow us to express feelings we may not yet have words for.

Arts & Hearts workshops and classes are interactive, fun and inspiring, helping to develop a variety of skills in students, such as improvisation, team building and self-confidence. All within a safe and educationally inspiring environment.

All workshops and classes are adapted to the diverse needs and abilities of the students. All workshops are planned in consultation with the school.

Pupils are encouraged to express themselves confidently, enabling them to develop many skills, such as improvisation, ensemble work, communication, composition and performance.

At every stage Arts & Hearts are experts in planning lessons and activities using the National Curriculum as a guide to raise standards in singing, instrumental work, improvisation, role play and communication skills. As well as offering specialist teachers in all disciplines of dance from ballet to urban styles and everything in between.

Our workshops are adaptable and can focus either on a particulars artistic discipline or topics chosen by the school or bespoke workshops developed in consultation with the school based on national curriculum guidelines.

Arts and Hearts drama workshops are fun and interactive sessions which help develop children’s communication and social skills and help to build self-confidence and enhance emotional well-being. All of our teachers are highly accomplished in their specialised fields. Workshops can help all students, even children/young adults that have challenges with concentration to engage mindfully.

Half-day/full-day workshops lead children to explore national curriculum topics using activities, including warm ups and drama exercises that encourage pupils to utilise skills such as, connection, self-exploration, acting in role, improvisation, rehearsing and performing.

Drama workshops based on broader topics common to all year groups aim to bring current topics, past events, stories and celebrations to life, giving themes an unforgettable vibrancy. Children will explore the topics through a series of drama/dance/film/photographic activities, including warm ups, acting in role, improvisation, rehearsing and performing. The workshops are run for normal class sizes and are also
based on following school calendar events (although we do offer a bespoke service so please contact us if you’d like to request another topic):

Diversity, Refugee Week, Book Week, Anti-Bullying, Internet Safety, International Day, Secondary Transfer, Knife Crime Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Mindfulness.

Arts & Hearts offer exciting singing assemblies for the whole school Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and EYFS. covering a wide range of musical styles/genres drawn from different traditions and repertoires of many composers, songwriters and musicians from the 20th and 21st Centuries.

We run after school drama, dance, singing, music, and film making clubs to further develop children’s love of the arts. These sessions are fun and interactive and offer the children a creative experience whilst also developing skills of the subject taught. All clubs lead to a sharing session before half term and a bigger end of term performance for parents, carers, families and teachers. We also offer gymnastics coaching sessions.