Community services

We offer our services to community venues including charities, mental health facilities, pupil referral units, care homes, hospitals, hospices, local authorities and the social services.

Drama services can be based on any theme or topic, for example: Internet safety/anti bullying/bespoke workshops, after school/holiday provision.

Dance services: Street dance, contemporary, expressive, ballet, jazz, modern, tap, yoga and mindfulness and healthy you (fun through exercise) classes.

Music services: song writing, singing classes, choirs, music and IT, rap, instrumental one on one or group tuition, orchestra and bands.

Drama: workshops on anti-knife crime, anti-bullying and gang related themes. Empathy, mindfulness and mediation, knowing your worth, black history, celebrating diversity, workshops on community cohesion, creative writing, directing, playwriting and film making. Bespoke workshops.

Children from 6 to 11 will be taught all three disciplines of drama, dance and singing, culminating in a performance for parents, friends and carers at the end of term. Half way through the term we will have a small sharing session so that families can see what their children have been learning throughout the term.

Drama workshops, dance classes, music workshops/classes, choirs, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, Bespoke workshops.