Booking Form 4 to 7

Booking Form 4-7 year old Performing Arts Class, starting Sunday 19th January

Uniform will consist of and an Arts & Hearts Education T-shirt (£10) with comfortable leggings /trousers and shoes.
Please tick as required…

Please transfer the full terms class fees of £96 or £48 for the half term (if you need to set up an extended
payment arrangement please let me know), plus £10 for your child’s T-shirt (if you don’t already have
one) to Arts & Hearts Education Limited. Account number: 00074044 Sort Code 23-11-85 adding your
child’s full name and class applied for as a reference (example Anna Smith 3-4).
The classes will take place in the Band Hall.
Please ensure that your child brings a bottle of water to each class each week.
We look forward to welcoming you back/meeting you in September!

Director, Arts & Hearts Education

Tel: 02034890487/07951814896